Private Hunting Lodge


Private Hunting Lodge VLT brought the light to this stunning modern rustic private hunting lodge. The bookcase, the built-in shelves, and the gun display were outfitted with our EssentialLEDs 8SL linear fixture; the tequila bar with our EssentialLEDs 2QL linear fixture. The fixtures infuse a warm light, producing a relaxing atmosphere, and an aesthetic that holds the

Klaff’s Showroom


Klaff’s Showroom Klaff’s founded in 1921 is boutique, upscale, home design retailer specializing in home décor, finishes and household accessories. Klaff’s flagship showroom relies on EssentialLEDs 8SL as their go-to undercabinet kitchen task lighting and EssentialLEDs 1S to illuminate their products displayed on their floor room shelves. Location: South Norwalk, CT Application: Kitchen | Residential

October’s Very Own Los Angeles


October's Very Own Los Angeles October’s Very Own (OVO) is a luxury streetwear brand created by hip hop artist Drake. Located at The Grove, a retail and entertainment destination in Los Angeles, the eponymous boutique features masterfully layered EssentialLED lighting from VLT. Our 7SL linear lighting was used to illuminate the shelving and columns throughout. On the

Auto Gravity


Auto Gravity AutoGravity’s new headquarters takes office tech space to the next level. The open-plan concept includes "stadium seating" with an adjacent racing slide. On the second level, directly above the stairs, located within the ceiling is VLT’s Galaxy Series fiber; configured with detailed star constellations, complimentary field stars and Autogravity’s custom company logo. Location:

St John’s Episcopal Church and School


St John's Episcopal Church and School St. John's Episcopal provides the RSM community with both a place of worship and private school for students K-8th. VLT’s cylindrical Polos bollard, was selected to illuminate the courtyard between school and church – Now, safety and/or hazards are no longer a concern when the sun goes down for afterschool

United Polaris Lounge


United Polaris Lounge Have a layover at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago? Then check out the first of nine, Polaris Lounge concept(s) by United Airlines© in Terminal 1 – Concourse C. VLT’s Galaxy Series PMMA Starfield Fiber beautifully emulates a starry night sky, spanning the entirety of the hallway ceiling, perfectly complimenting the "Polaris-theme." Application:

Route 9 Library Innovation Center Campus


Route 9 Library Innovation Center Campus The New Castle County Route 9 Library & Innovation Center is a state-of-the art library and community hub that provides access to traditional resources as well as new technologies, creative production tools, and skills development programs to the surrounding community. VLT Galaxy Series PMMA fiber is used within the Children’s

Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex


Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex At the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, Fiber Optic Sparkle Chandeliers add strands of sparkle in whimsical colors and shapes. These chandeliers were built in the VLT factory and then hand-trimmed on-site by VLT artisans. The spiral chandelier is an excellent example of VLT's attention to technical and artistic details. Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA


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